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Entertainments - Аркутино Фемили Ризорт

Sozopol - the town where were found the relics of St. John the Baptist! This is the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Here you can visit the Architectural and Archaeological Reserve Old Sozopol, many fortresses and Thracian burial mounds, ancient cemeteries, churches and many other historical sites of world importance.
Lake Water Lilies
Valley water lilies or otherwise - Arkutino is swampy lake with a typical dense character. It was declared a natural reserve. In the waters are growing beautiful water lilies , and over it rises Mount fortress where there are traces of a Thracian fortress. Pool is separated from sea ​​by sand dunes. Furthermore, water lily, which grows in the swamp, another attractive plant species sand lily, which grows near the beach.
Island of St. Thomas
Island of St. Thomas, known as Snake Island derived its name from the many gray water snakes that live and feed on fish in water around it. This is the only place in Bulgaria, where you can see wild cactus. Many rumors spread about the area, many legends associated with its history of local repent. The most interesting of them connected St. Thomas, witn an old haunt of sea pirates. Here they kept their wealth and treasures seized by innocent people.
Ropotamo reserve
Ropotamo is a reserve with a great variety of interesting and unique natural sites - the firth of Ropotamo, Lake Arkutino, dense forests, which in this latitude are very rare, various rock formations, wetlands, ponds and others. You can make a boat trip along the river and back, where you will see many beautiful places, strange rock formations and also in good weather will enjoy the view of many turtles perched on food or resting on rocks and riparian plants.

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